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Get the best of the news, curated by experts, with one simple subscription. informed is a one-of-a-kind news platform, designed to help you stay up to date with the stories that matter most.

With informed, the stories that matter won’t get lost in the depths of the Internet.


One subscription. A 360º view.

We partner with the world’s most credible news publishers, carefully selected and drawn from a diverse range of viewpoints. Offering you a variety of perspectives coming from the best journalism out there including independent publications, authors, newsletters, and more.


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informed makes it easy to stay up to date and see different perspectives. Get the headlines in seconds when you’re short on time – and explore our comprehensive topics when you want to dig deeper.

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Stories hand-picked by humans, not bots.

The news can be overwhelming. That’s why our highly qualified editorial team reads and filters hundreds of articles each day and chooses their top “must-reads”– giving you a sharper focus.

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We don’t know it all – so we’ve created a network of informed voices, who are all experts in their fields. They put together topics exclusively for informed, sharing their knowledge with our whole community.

Understand the most pressing matters of our time, brought to you by the world’s leading journalists and creators

Being informed matters

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Unbiased and independent, we draw news from the world's most credible sources, and curate a news feed full of thought-provoking insights – and free of misinformation. So you can stay informed, and empowered to take part in today's most important conversations.

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