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    Misinformation is winning the war on misinformation

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    1. Misinformation on the internet is rampant, but quantifying its reach is challenging due to the lack of transparency from companies like Google, Meta, and TikTok.
    5 min read
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    Science Daily

    Prying open the AI black box

    informed Summary

    1. Scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have developed a computational tool called SQUID (Surrogate Quantitative Interpretability for Deepnets) to interpret how AI models analyze the genome.
    2 min read
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    In writing the America’s most sweeping AI law, Colorado focused on fairness, preventing bias

    informed Summary

    1. The state of Colorado has passed a comprehensive law regulating the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making processes such as hiring, loans, and access to healthcare. The law, which takes effect in 2026, requires companies and some government agencies to inform people when an AI system is used and allows them to correct data or file a complaint if they believe they have been treated unfairly.
    4 min read
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    The Guardian

    Are you 80% angry and 2% sad? Why ‘emotional AI’ is fraught with problems

    informed Summary

    1. Manhattan-based startup Hume has developed a voice AI that claims to understand and respond to human emotions. The AI, called the Empathic Voice Interface, can analyse speech and facial expressions to predict emotional responses.
    7 min read


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