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How the Kremlin Is Forcing Ukrainians to Adopt Russian Life

By Anton Troianovski, Valerie Hopkins, Marc Santora and Michael Schwirtz

30 Jul 2022 · 6 min read

The NYT provides an inside look into how Russian forces are using fear and indoctrination to compel Ukrainians in occupied territory to submit to annexation.

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They have handed out Russian passports, cellphone numbers and set-top boxes for watching Russian television. They have replaced Ukrainian currency with the ruble, rerouted the internet through Russian servers and arrested hundreds who have resisted assimilation.

In ways big and small, the occupying authorities on territory won by Moscow’s forces are using fear and indoctrination to compel Ukrainians to adopt a Russian way of life. “We are one people,” blue-white-and-red billboards say. “We are with Russia.”

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