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Global inequality is rising again

By The Economist

02 Aug 2022 · 3 min read

You should read this to know how global inequality will be on a steady rise in the next few years thanks to Covid19.

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COVID-19 was never going to be good for the poor. At first, however, the disease was not associated with rising inequality. Richer economies tended to suffer larger declines in GDP per person than many poor ones in 2020—and within those countries hefty stimulus packages protected the poorest from penury.

As the pandemic wore on, though, its effects on global inequality shifted. Richer countries enjoyed better access to vaccines than poorer ones, and were more able to sustain spending on programmes to support incomes and bolster recoveries. The net effect of the pandemic has been to raise inequality between countries, back to the levels of the early 2010s on some measures.

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