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Fortress China: Xi Jinping’s plan for economic independence

By Leo Lewis, Sun Yu and James Kynge

15 Sep 2022 · 10 min read

The FT shows how Beijing is pushing to break its dependence on the West and become a self-sufficient “techno-superpower.” It’s another sign of how China and the U.S. are try to economically decouple.

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Tianjin Saixiang’s “nanoknife” may be a form of precision surgery, but it is indicative of a broad trend that is reshaping China’s economic relationship with the rest of the world.

Made by a little-known Chinese company, it is designed to target prostate cancer without invasive surgery. Tianjin Saixiang was given the official imprimatur of “little giant” in 2020, meaning it qualifies for preferential treatment in return for helping China to climb the technology ladder.

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