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Fast food fever: How ultra-processed meals are unhealthier than you think

By Andrew Anthony

16 Oct 2022 · 7 min read

This Guardian feature analyses the adversarial impact of ultra processed foods and also looks at processed vegan and health-conscious foods which aren't really healthy in the true sense.

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For a long time it has been known that diets dominated by ultra-processed food (UPF) are more likely to lead to obesity. But recent research suggests that high UPF consumption also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia and, according to a recent American study involving 50,000 health professionals, of developing colon cancer.

On a more general note, last month a study in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology found that people born after 1990 are more likely to develop cancer before they’re 50 than people born before 1970. It’s suspected that UPF might be a contributing factor to this development.

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