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A 10-course dinner, with weed in every dish

By Robert Simonson

12 Nov 2022 · 10 min read

The New York Times reports on one restaurant trying out experimental dinging with an unusual twist. Would you try one of these weed based dishes?

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NEW YORK — The first dish arrived with panache: a delicate scallop crudo with candied ginger and mushrooms sprinkled on top, served in a giant scallop shell. But where, some surely wanted to know, was the weed?

Soon, the chef stood before the dining room and explained. The lime tincture that accented the dish — the same tincture that had been in the welcome cocktail, a daiquiri — had been infused with 2 milligrams of cannabis. With practiced ease, chef Miguel Trinidad welcomed his guests — 42 curious diners, most of them strangers — and bid them to dig in before returning to his team in the kitchen. I drank the cocktail, and I ate the scallops. They tasted great, but I felt nothing. That would come later.

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