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Calling out of the blue: Why would you do this to someone you love?

By Ellen McCarthy

28 Nov 2022 · 5 min read

"Impromptu calls have become roughly equivalent to turning up unannounced at someone’s home". The Washington Post reports on the unwritten rules of communication, and what you're doing wrong.

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Adria Barich is a haunted woman. Her tormentor tracks her everywhere, threatening to ambush her in a dimly lit parking garage, as she drives down a desolate road or when she's let her guard down to wash dishes or collapse on the couch.

"I've actually changed my ringtone a few times, because I start to associate it with terror," says Barich, a 24-year-old California woman who works in marketing. "But every time that I do, after, like, a week or so, it just becomes terrifying again."

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