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Investing in an era of higher interest rates and scarcer capital

08 Dec 2022 · 4 min read

For investors, rarely have things been so bad in so many asset markets at once. But there are still upsides. The Economist has some rules for how to survive—and thrive—in a new investing landscape.

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WELCOME to THE end of cheap money. Share prices have been through worse, but only rarely have things been as bloody in so many asset markets at once. Investors find themselves in a new world and they need a new set of rules.

The pain has been intense. The s&p 500 index of leading American shares was down by almost a quarter at its lowest point this year, erasing more than $10trn in market value. Government bonds, usually a shelter from stocks, have been blasted: Treasuries are heading for their worst year since 1949. As of mid-October, a portfolio split 60/40 between American equities and Treasuries had fallen more than in any year since 1937. Meanwhile house prices are falling everywhere from Vancouver to Sydney. Bitcoin has crashed. Gold did not glitter. Commodities alone had a good year—and that was in part because of war.

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