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Hellmann's 'mayo-nog' is the holiday drink no one asked for

By Emily Heil

21 Dec 2022 · 3 min read

Have Hellmann's taken it one step too far? Their Mayo-nog recipe includes vanilla extract, rum and mayonnaise. The Washington Post weighs in on this festive drink.

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A whole genre of recipes rests on the premise of sneaking vegetables into food, usually to get children to unwittingly consume something healthy. Parents everywhere seem to be lacing brownies with pureed spinach or passing off mashed cauliflower as potato.

The point of such culinary subterfuge is to encourage nutritious eating, of course, but the volumes written on the topic underscore the fact that it's actually pretty easy to trick people into consuming something they might think is gross, or at least wrong, given the context. That seems to be the operating principle behind "mayo-nog," the Christmas drink that the deranged elves at Hellmann's are pushing this holiday season.

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