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For Ukraine, Hungary's Orban is another problematic strongman next door

By David L. Stern and Loveday Morris

26 Dec 2022 · 7 min read

The Washington Post explores the tensions between Ukraine and Hungary looking at the many contradictions in their relationship that make Hungary "another deeply problematic neighbor for Kyiv."

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Mukachevo, Ukraine - An authoritarian leader, known for suppressing political opposition and using his national press as his own mouthpiece, insists that Ukrainians who speak his language need protection and financial assistance, and he allows his government to issue passports, illegally, to Ukrainian citizens.

Residents of border towns get their news from foreign TV, feel no closer to Kyiv than they do to the neighboring national capital, and seethe over monuments to their heritage being taken down by Ukrainian authorities. Sounds like Russian influence in east Ukraine? In fact, it is Hungary's role in Ukraine's west.

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