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How smart are the robots getting?

By Cade Metz

26 Jan 2023 · 13 min read

For more than 70 years, computer scientists have been unable to build technology that could pass the so-called "Turing test." That's now changed, reports The NYT. Meet Franz Broseph, the bot.

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Franz Broseph seemed like any other Diplomacy player to Claes de Graaff. The handle was a joke — Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I reborn as an online bro — but that was the kind of humor that people who play Diplomacy tend to enjoy. The game is a classic, beloved by the likes of John F. Kennedy and Henry Kissinger, combining military strategy with political intrigue as it re-creates the First World War: Players negotiate with allies, enemies and everyone in between as they plan how their armies will move across 20th-century Europe.

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