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Will the Metaverse be entertaining? Ask South Korea

By Jin Yu Young and Matt Stevens

29 Jan 2023 · 5 min read

South Korea's entertainment industry is delving into the possibilities of the Metaverse, developing virtual bands and shows that exist solely in cyberspace – an intriguing story by the New York Times.

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SEOUL, South Korea — In a vast studio outside Seoul, technicians huddled in front of monitors, watching cartoon K-pop singers — at least one of whom had a tail — dance in front of a psychedelic backdrop. A woman with fairy wings fluttered by.

Everyone on screen was real, sort of. The singers had human counterparts in the studio, isolated in cubicles, with headsets on their faces and joysticks in both hands. Immersed in a virtual world, they were competing to become part of (hopefully) the next big Korean girl band.

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