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A solution to the climate crisis: Mining the moon, researchers say

By Oliver Milman

08 Feb 2023 · 3 min read

Some astrophysicists have proposed a geo-engineering solution to tackle global warming. The Guardian reports on the suggestion to shoot moon dust towards the Earth, in order to deflect the sun's rays.

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Proponents of a “moonshot” idea to deal with global heating have been handed a new, very literal, interpretation by researchers who have proposed firing plumes of moon dust from a gun into space in order to deflect the sun’s rays away from Earth.

The seemingly outlandish concept, outlined in a new research paper, would involve creating a “solar shield” in space by mining the moon of millions of tons of its dust and then “ballistically eject[ing]” it to a point in space about 1m miles from Earth, where the floating grains would partially block incoming sunlight.

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