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Can ChatGPT recommend movies? A film buff put it to the test

By Shubham Agarwal

15 Feb 2023 · 3 min read

A lot of us are overwhelmed by the array of choices on video streaming services and would love a good recommendation. WSJ writer Shubham Agarwal tried out ChatGPT, but was left unimpressed.

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MORE OFTEN than I like, after scanning the endless carousels on streaming apps, I find myself re-watching “Seinfeld.” I attribute this to a combo of laziness and mediocre recommendation engines, which rarely highlight anything I actually want to watch.

It’s a problem that seemed custom-designed for ChatGPT, the bot made by Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence research firm, OpenAI. Over 100 million people have tried ChatGPT since its launch in November, posing it tasks as disparate as writing English essays and negotiating down internet bills. By comparison, “What movie should I watch?” seemed simple.

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