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Russian 're-education camps' hold thousands of Ukrainian kids, per report

By Missy Ryan

15 Feb 2023 · 3 min read

A U.S. report has found that at least 6,000 Ukrainian children have been placed at 43 camps across Russia or with Russian families. The Washington Post takes a closer look at the research.

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Russia's system for supervising thousands of Ukrainian children uprooted during the war involves "re-education" camps and forced adoptions, U.S. researchers said Tuesday, calling it a sprawling operation directed by the Kremlin's highest levels.

According to a report from the Conflict Observatory, a State Department-supported initiative, Russia has placed at least 6,000 Ukrainian children at 43 camps and institutions stretching from Ukraine's Russian-occupied Crimea region to Siberia and Russia's Pacific coast, or with new families, as part of its "systematic, whole-of-government approach to the relocation, re-education and, in some cases, adoption and forced adoption of Ukrainian children."

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