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'Brainwashing a generation': British schools combat Andrew Tate's views

By Emma Bubola and Isabella Kwai

20 Feb 2023 · 5 min read

Andrew Tate recently shot to fame after expressing sexist and misogynistic views online. The NYT looks closely at his popularity with young men in the UK and explains why Tate has such an appeal.

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As the seventh graders settled into a lecture hall at a school near London, the topic at hand was not human rights, historical events or different religions. “Andrew Tate,” a teacher said, pointing to a photograph projected on the wall. “What do you know about this man?”

Some boys giggled at the mention of Tate, a social media influencer famed for his misogynist comments. One boy said he liked him because “he has a strong masculinity,” fast cars and a fit body. The teacher projected some of Tate’s claims, among them that women who are raped should bear some responsibility. A few boys agreed.

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