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The imminent danger of AI is one we're not talking about

By Ezra Klein

26 Feb 2023 · 6 min read

Amid the focus on AI's capabilities, we have forgotten to ask an important question: How will Microsoft, Google and Meta monetize AI? There are big potential pitfalls, writes The NYT's Ezra Klein.

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In 2021, I interviewed Ted Chiang, one of the great living sci-fi writers. Something he said to me then keeps coming to mind now.

“I tend to think that most fears about AI are best understood as fears about capitalism,” Chiang told me. “And I think that this is actually true of most fears of technology, too. Most of our fears or anxieties about technology are best understood as fears or anxiety about how capitalism will use technology against us. And technology and capitalism have been so closely intertwined that it’s hard to distinguish the two.”

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