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From short king spring to ‘short men are psychopaths’. When will the obsession with men’s height end?

By Simon Usborne

02 Mar 2023 · 4 min read

A new study claims to have proven the Napoleon complex, yet this Guardian author suggests that the findings miss the bigger picture. Here, he argues that heightism is entrenched within our society.

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Last year, shorter men appeared to be having a moment. A social movement, which had started in 2018 with a tweet by a young American comedian, was hitting the mainstream.

Jaboukie Young-White had been tired of “short” being used as an insult. “‘Short’ gave you Donald Glover,” he said**,** before also listing the actors Tom Holland and Daniel Kaluuya as successful, shorter men. “Short kings are the enemy of body negativity, and I’ll be forever proud to defend them.”

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