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‘No problemo’: What Gen Z are really saying with their T-shirts

By Shaad D'Souza

06 Mar 2023 · 5 min read

Is slogan-wear back with a vengeance? The Guardian explains that slogan tees are making a comeback, fueled by Gen Z's love of social media-ready items that are both ironic yet earnest.

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Despite all manner of global catastrophes facing young people, Gen Z’s preferred style of streetwear telegraphs pure ease. Garments emblazoned with the phrase “no problemo” are everywhere, from Zendaya’s tortured Euphoria character to Portia, the pathologically bothered assistant in the second series of White Lotus. In real life, Manchester City striker Erling Haaland and Bones and All actor Taylor Russell have been spotted wearing them. And the “no problemo” tee has become a de facto uniform for creative workers across the UK. They are the work of Aries, a London-based skater label founded in 2009 that has quickly gained cult status through its ironic and smartly designed sloganwear.

Slogan tees in general are back with a vengeance, loved by Gen Z for their social media-ready mixture of irony and earnestness – and brands that are communicating esoteric, ultra-specific moods are the flavour of the day.

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