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How a Ukrainian soldier’s final act of defiance made him a hero

By Isabel Coles

31 Mar 2023 · 6 min read

The WSJ tells the story of a Ukrainian solider name Oleksandr Matsievskiy, a 42-year-old who had been working as an electrician and living with his mother before the war. Now, he is a national hero.

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NIZHYN, Ukraine—The Ukrainian platoon was digging in desperately along a tree line in this country’s east when grenades began exploding around it and Russian soldiers crept in from the left.

The 16 Ukrainians fought back as best they could but couldn’t stop the Russians from overrunning a position held by five of their number, including Pvt. Oleksandr Matsievskiy, a 42-year-old electrician who lived with his mother and was new to front-line combat.

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