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Pentagon leak shows perils of spying on your friends

By Adam Taylor

13 Apr 2023 · 5 min read

Some of the revelations contained in leaked Pentagon documents aren't exactly a surprise, the Post reports. But others have left foreign governments reeling—and there's likely much more to come.

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A huge leak of Pentagon documents uncovered over the past week has revealed how deeply the United States has penetrated Russia and other rivals. But it is also a reminder that the United States spies on its allies as a matter of routine - a practice that has risks for both Washington and friends alike.

There is no shortage of unflattering revelations. The documents paint a pessimistic picture of Ukraine's upcoming spring counteroffensive and point to potential problems in air defense and artillery. One report suggests that South Korea balked at supplying weapons to Ukraine. A separate document claims Egypt secretly planned to supply rockets to Russia, while another says NATO ally Turkey was approached by Russia's notorious Wagner Group, a private military contractor, to help procure supplies.

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