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Are you a good parent? OK, so what are you doing to protect your child from climate collapse?

By Elizabeth Cripps

21 Apr 2023 · 4 min read

A moral philosopher argues that we are failing to protect our children from climate change. We are, in fact, making a “mockery” of everything we do to set them up for success. The Guardian reports.

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Parents do a lot. We spend hours reading stories or freezing on the edges of sports pitches. We buy food, clothes, buggies, car seats, bikes, music lessons, gadgets, parties, holidays, not to mention hundreds of toys. But here’s the bad news. While we obsess about our kids as individuals, we’re missing a last-ditch collective chance to save them from environmental catastrophe.

Take that seriously, and being a “good” mum or dad is about much more than what you do with your child or the opportunities you buy them. It becomes political.

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