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Angry farmers pierce Europe’s united front on Ukraine

By Andrew Higgins

25 Apr 2023 · 6 min read

A glut of Ukrainian cereals has left farmers across Eastern Europe caught between solidarity with the war-torn country and their own survival. The NYT speaks to some of them about their dilemma.

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GALATI COUNTY, Romania — After more than a year of surprisingly solid European unity in support of Ukraine, grains of discord are piling up in the barn of Robert Vieru, a Romanian farmer with 500 tons of wheat and 250 tons of sunflower seeds now sitting unsold because of cut-price Ukrainian competition.

A glut of Ukrainian cereals and other produce has nearly halved the value for the results of Vieru’s labors and left farmers across Eastern and central Europe — and their governments, most of which face elections this year or next — caught between solidarity with Ukraine and their own survival.

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