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If bosses fail to check AI’s onward march, their own jobs will soon be written out of the script

By Gaby Hinsliff

04 May 2023 · 5 min read

AI is already capable of doing most mundane work tasks. The Guardian takes a closer look at what industries may be next in the firing line and the impact it will have on employers.

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If there’s one thing Hollywood screenwriters know how to deliver, it’s a snappy one-liner.

“Pay your writers, or we’ll spoil Succession,” read one of the placards paraded outside movie studios in Los Angeles this week, as thousands of film and television writers went on strike. “Pencils down, middle fingers up,” said another. Closer to the bone, however, was a placard reading: “Wrote ChatGPT This.” For the plot twist is that this strike isn’t just over money. The Writers Guild of America also wants to establish some ground rules preventing studios from using artificial intelligence to generate scripts in ways that cut humans out of their own creative process.

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