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Long live the kings and queens

By Tom Ginsburg

04 May 2023 · 4 min read

Jamaica and other former British colonies shouldn't be too hasty in jettisoning constitutional monarchy, Tom Ginsburg writes in PS. After all, there are significant benefits to keeping the status quo.

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CHICAGO – As Britain’s King Charles III is officially coronated, the “empire on which the sun never set” is looking a little shabby. In addition to the United Kingdom, 14 former British colonies still maintain Charles as their monarch and head of state, but many of his subjects around the world are reconsidering the arrangement.

Barbados became a republic in 2021, and Jamaica has initiated a similar process of constitutional reform. Others might soon follow. Why should countries from Belize to Tuvalu maintain as their nominal head of state an old white man living in a middling power far away from them?

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