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Forget ChatGPT. These are the best AI-powered apps

By Nicole Nguyen

07 May 2023 · 4 min read

ChatGPT can answer pretty much any question. But its answers can contain errors. The WSJ weighs in on the usefulness of other AI-powered apps that focus on more specific purposes.

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Type pretty much anything into ChatGPT and it’ll spit out a confident, convincing response. The problem? Its answer can be full of errors. And during long conversations, it can veer into wild tangents.

So I started testing apps that use OpenAI’s GPT technology, but aren’t ChatGPT. Language app Duolingo and learning platform Khan Academy now offer conversational, personalized tutoring with this technology. Writing assistant Grammarly’s new tool can compose emails for you. Travel app Expedia features a chatty trip planner. And all Snapchat users just got a new friend on the social network called My AI.

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