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How much work is enough?

By Anne-Marie Slaughter and Autumn McDonald

25 May 2023 · 4 min read

During the pandemic, millions of workers realized that life is about more than productivity. There's no going back now, according to this column by Anne-Marie Slaughter and Autumn McDonald in PS.

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WASHINGTON, DC – The COVID-19 pandemic might be officially over, but much like a railway switchyard, it has already diverted countless lives onto wildly different paths. Millions of individuals will never revert to their pre-pandemic work routines, compelling both employers and employees to establish new models that cater to their evolving needs. But amid the ongoing experiments with hybrid models, we find ourselves confronting a deeper question: How much work is enough?

At least in developed countries, these post-pandemic shifts and experiments could trigger a labor-market revolution as profound as the changes in workplaces, schedules, and compensation that marked the transition from the agricultural age to the industrial era.

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