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    Time for neutral nations to get off the fence

    Editor's Note

    A country's neutral status used to be regarded as an invitation to subvert western sanctions, Roger Boyes writes in the Times. Not any more. Now even the Swiss are being urged to change their spots.

    World Affairs
    4 min read
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    Dog who sniffed out Taliban bombs wins gallantry medal

    Editor's Note

    Bass the Belgian Malinois, now retired in Texas, been given the highest award possible for "exceptional courage under fire" during a raid on a bomb-maker hiding in Helmand. The Times has the story.

    1 min read
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    Being Greta Thunberg, the world’s most extraordinary teenager

    Editor's Note

    Greta Thunberg is a name we have all heard countless times. But how well do we know the person behind the name? In this fascinating and in-depth interview we get to see a new side to Greta.

    19 min read