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There’s a plethora of news out there – but the things that really matter to you, matter to us. This is the essence of why informed exists: to bring more people quality journalism covering the most pressing issues of our time. Together, we can fight misinformation and polarisation. Cut through the noise. Shine a light on the truth. Reclaim trust. And continue to take part in the conversations that count.

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What we stand for

informed is founded on a strong set of journalistic principles, which underpin everything we are, and everything we do. These principles are the reason you can trust us to deliver the very highest quality content, curated in a way that brings your attention to the issues that matter most.

  1. Access matters

    News is there to be consumed – and we want you to have access to all the quality journalism that’s out there. Explore new ideas. Listen to new writers. Broaden your thinking. Escape the echo chamber. And get out of your comfort zone.

  2. Fighting misinformation matters

    Our news comes from the most credible sources, which have been thoroughly checked by our editorial team. So we can play a part in making sure the truth prevails over fake news.

  3. Both sides of the story matter

    There’s usually more than one perspective on every story. By drawing news from a diverse range of platforms and journalists, we can give you a complete picture – and the ammunition to have educated opinions.

  4. Getting to the point matters

    We believe our time is best spent focusing on issues that matter, which is why we curate our news so carefully. No more time wasted filtering out fake news, or getting lost down internet rabbit holes.

  5. Human intelligence matters

    In a world increasingly defined by technology and algorithms, we believe that human input matters – especially when it comes to the news. Our editorial team is our biggest strength, and our guiding light.

Our Team

The people behind it all

We come from all walks of life, bounded by a mission: to bring more people quality journalism covering the most pressing issues of our time.

  • Employee Avatar - Benjamin Mateev

    Benjamin Mateev

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Employee Avatar - Martin Kaelble

    Martin Kaelble

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Employee Avatar - Axel Bard Bringeus

    Axel Bard Bringéus

    Co-Founder & CCO

  • Employee Avatar - Katja Alissa Mueller

    Katja Alissa Mueller

    Creative Director

  • Employee Avatar - Moritz Lawitschka

    Moritz Lawitschka

    Head of Engineering

  • Employee Avatar - Ignacio Khalek

    Ignacio Khalek

    Head of Business Development

  • Employee Avatar - Laura McDermott

    Laura McDermott


  • Employee Avatar - James Angelos

    James Angelos


  • Employee Avatar - Esteban Mino

    Esteban Miño

    Mobile Engineer

  • Employee Avatar - Irina Altuna

    Irina Altuna

    Product Designer

  • Employee Avatar - Emma Reipert

    Emma Reipert

    Social Media Editor

  • Employee Avatar - Filipe Patricio

    Filipe Patricio

    Mobile Engineer

  • Employee Avatar - Miroslav Malkin

    Miroslav Malkin

    Backend Engineer

  • Employee Avatar - Kessia Nanuru

    Kessia Nanuru

    Marketing Manager

  • Employee Avatar - Joshua Oladele

    Joshua Oladele

    Backend Engineer

  • Employee Avatar - Isabella Quintana

    Isabella Quintana

    Administrative Operator

  • Employee Avatar - Ana Bogdan

    Ana Bogdan

    Head of Creators

  • Employee Avatar - Güngör Kocak

    Güngör Kocak

    Senior Backend Engineer

  • Employee Avatar - Maria Mezher

    Maria Mezher

    Head of People

  • Employee Avatar - Sophie Coe

    Sophie Coe

    Head of Social Media

  • Employee Avatar - Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly

    Lead Product Designer

  • Employee Avatar - Golfo Vasiliou

    Golfo Vasiliou

    Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Employee Avatar - Milos Djuric

    Milos Djuric

    Photo Editor

The informed Voices

We are not silent passengers when it comes to the news. And when you join the informed, you're joining a community of readers, thinkers and doers from across the world.

informed voices graphic
  • Cordelia Röders-Arnold

    Activist, einhorn products GmbH

  • Yolanda Rother

    Co-Founder, The Impact Company

  • Tim Schumacher

    Founding Partner, World Fund

  • Kim Gerlach

  • Jens Mannanal

    Co-Founder Passionfroot

  • Sophia Hoffmann

    Chef, Activist & Founder of HAPPA

  • Yusuf Altınışık

    Expert, Intercultural Communication

  • Richy Ugwu

    Founder, unea

  • Tanja Bogumil

    Co-Founder, Perfeggt

  • Michael Fritz

    Co-Founder, Viva con Agua

  • Şenol Ağaç

    Founder, Zerobottle

  • Katia Yakovleva

    Co-Founder, Beyond

  • Toan Nguyen

    Founder JvM NERD

  • Kristina Kara

    Journalist, Zeit für Klima

  • Samet Akti

    Expert, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Katharina Gehra

    Co-Founder, Immutable Insight

  • Sho Tatai

    Diversity & Inclusion Coach

  • In-Hae Lee

    Managing Director & Partner at BCG

  • Shawn Williams

    Co-Founder, The Impact Company

  • Tatjana Kiel

    CEO, KLITSCHKO Ventures

  • Vera Strauch

    Founder, Female Leadership Academy

  • Marius Mainz

    Strategist at HelloBetter

  • Aimie-Sarah Carstensen

    Co-Founder, ArtNight & Co.

  • Anna Maria Ullmann

    Co-founder, CircleTurtle

  • Franziska Altenrath

    Co-founder, TUTAKA

  • Stephanie Schaffner

    Podcaster, Die Stress Managerin

  • Daria Saharova

    Founding Partner, World Fund

  • Felix Kruck


  • Louisa Schneider


  • Sarah Emmerich

    Founder Emmerich Relations GmbH

  • Lara Körber

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Sonja Radovic

    Co-Founder Codio Impact

  • Stephanie Schaffner

    Die Stressmanagerin

  • Damita Pressl


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