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🛶 The mission

The informed app bundles and curates the best trusted news sources in the world. The curation is done by humans, not purely algorithms - out of a strong belief that smart human curation is the best way to provide different perspectives, a good mix of smaller and big publishers, Western and non-Western sources - all of them trustful, no filter bubbles, no misinformation. The curation is done by a diverse editorial team and selected experts. By doing so, informed wants to create a safe haven for news consumption - easy to access and easy to digest for mainstream and younger audiences.

📢 Latest press release

informed - seed funding round - press release

💈 Logos

📱 Mock-ups

Screens from the app, in particular from left to right: Today’s Topics tab, Topic view, Article List in a topic, Audio play for an article, Bookmarks for articles and topics in a user’s profile and Most read section in the explore tab

🧑‍🚀 Founders

From left to right, Martin Kaelble, Benjamin Mateev, Axel Bard Bringéus From left to right, Martin Kaelble, Benjamin Mateev, Axel Bard Bringéus

From left to right, Martin Kaelble, Benjamin Mateev, Axel Bard Bringéus From left to right, Martin Kaelble, Benjamin Mateev, Axel Bard Bringéus

🧑‍🚀 Founder bios

Benjamin Mateev was a lead engineer on to-do list platform Wunderlist that was later acquired by Microsoft, where he spent several years as Product Lead for digital memory and to-do experiences. Earlier, he was also head of product at opinion news site The European where he gained experience with editorial products.

Martin Kaelble was head of digital and online editor-in-chief at Germany’s biggest business monthly Capital, where he gained a lot of experience with digital editorial products and paid products, also building Capital’s first paywall. Before becoming a journalist (first at the German branch of Financial Times), he spent several years in tech, for example at the well-known European startup Jamba.

Axel Bard Bringéus joined Spotify in an early phase and essentially shaped their rapid global expansion, as he was rolling out the company in Europe, Asia, LatAm and ultimately became the global head of markets. After that he worked as a startup investor, being a deal partner at prominent European fund EQT Ventures. In his early career, he also worked as a journalist for a short period of time at Svenska Dagbladet in his home country Sweden.

📸 Team

Charlotte Siemen Charlotte Siemen

Benjamin Mateev Benjamin Mateev

Emma Reipert Emma Reipert

Briana Ekanem Briana Ekanem

Esteban Mino Esteban Mino

Ana Bogdan Ana Bogdan

Felipe Patricio Felipe Patricio

Maria Mezher Maria Mezher

Oya Yanik Oya Yanik

Mortiz Lawitschka Mortiz Lawitschka

Joshua Oladele Joshua Oladele

Katja Alissa Mueller Katja Alissa Mueller

Kessia Nanuru Kessia Nanuru

Ignacio Khalek Ignacio Khalek

Martin Kaelble Martin Kaelble

Miroslav Malkin Miroslav Malkin

Milena Magerl Milena Magerl

James Angelos James Angelos

Irina Altuna Irina Altuna

Nimish Sawant Nimish Sawant

Isabella Quintana Isabella Quintana

Laura McDemrott Laura McDemrott

📰 Press Coverage

As featured in Bloomberg

As featured in TechCrunch

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