09/05: Under-Reported

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We want to draw your attention to five non-Western news stories that are developing around the world.

  • With our Under-Reported series, we try to break through the noise and highlight stories that often fly under the radar in the Western mediasphere.
  • The UN announced that 9.3mn children are in serious need of aid - 6.5mn are within Syria and 2.8mn in neighboring countries. The UN also said it has received less than half the needed funding.
  • Afghan women are reacting with fury, after an announcement that they must wear head-to-toe clothing in public - preferably a burqa. Women wearing the wrong clothes can face criminal prosecution.
  • Reports from Ethiopia have detailed that the remains of hundreds of people are being deliberately destroyed, to remove evidence of ethnic cleansing in the West of the Tigray region.
  • Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon reached a record high in April. The month marked the first time that deforestation alerts have surpassed 1,000sq km during the rainy season.
  • Tensions continue to rise in Israel. On Saturday, clashes broke out between Israeli forces who raided and destroyed the home of a Palestinian who they say killed an Israeli settler last December.
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