13/05: Your Good News Round-Up

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Portugal has built Europe’s largest floating solar farm. Catch-up on this and our other good news topics to start off your week 🌞

  • We know there has been a lot of bad news recently. Here's our Good News series - we hope it lightens your Monday, just a little bit.
  • In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, single-use masks have become an environmental problem. However, researchers have demonstrated that old masks can be used to strengthen cement.
  • Portugal has set up the largest floating solar park. The farm is made up of 12,000 solar panels - the size of four soccer pitches - and will start generating electricity from July.
  • In the US, 460 acres of land have been returned to the Rappahannock Tribe. The land is the ancestral home of the tribe and has been considered a sacred site for years.
  • In Detroit, one couple has been transforming the city center through farming. After 10 years, they were finally able to buy the land with the help of the Detroit Black Farmer Land Fund.
  • A Texan woman treasure hunting in a local charity shop spotted a white sculpture. It turns out the statue was looted from Germany at the end of WW2 and was sculpted over 2000 year prior.
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