18/01: What Else is Happening in the World?

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With the news cycle dominated by the invasion of Ukraine, we wanted to give you an update on everything else that is happening in the world.

  • As the present news cycle continues to be dominated by the Russian invasion in Ukraine, we wanted to give you an update which details the other important topics of the moment.
  • The sixth mass bleaching event is reportedly unfolding on the Great Barrier Reef, adding to the events in 1998, 2002, 2016, 2017 and 2020. The bleaching is driven by rising ocean temperatures.
  • Newly released footage, from two years ago, shows a Californian man being held down by 5 police officers following a traffic stop. In the video he can say: “I can’t breathe”. He died soon after.
  • After almost a decade, NASA has unveiled its new mega-rocket, the Space Launch System, for the first time. Ultimately, it’s hoped the astronauts that board this ship will return to the Moon’s surface.
  • Two young brothers have been found almost a month after they were lost in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. The indigeous boys have been taken to hospital to be treated for malnourishment.
  • Australia's consumer watchdog is taking Meta, FaceBook’s parent company, to court. The platform allegedly “aided and abetted” fake ads which have cost some Australians thousands of dollars.
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