29/04: Your Good News Round-Up

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Female footballers in Italy can now receive professional status ⚽️ Catch-up on this and our other good news topics to start off your week 🌞

  • We know there has been a lot of bad news of recent. Here's our Good News series - we hope it lightens your Monday, just a little bit.
  • South Korea is set to build a sustainable floating city off the coast of Busan, the country’s second largest city. The goal behind the move is to utilize emerging tech to combat the climate crisis.
  • Harvard Uni has pledged $100m to study and redress its historic ties to slavery. The move follows a report which found that the university and its staff had strong ties to slavery throughout history.
  • Spain’s government has agreed on a law that will prevent toy manufacturers from using sexist stereotypes. Companies can no longer use pink or blue colors to imply their products are for boys or girls.
  • The EU has introduced a law which is targeting Big Tech over hate speech and disinformation. Companies will have to police their platforms more strictly to better protected European users.
  • Women’s footballers in Italy’s top league can now be titled “professional”, bringing an end to years of female players having their salaries capped due to their classification as “amateur” athletes.
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