The Loneliness Epidemic & Masculinity

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Recent reports have found that men across the globe are experiencing increased feelings of loneliness, which carries a heavy cost.

  • $10,000, this is the going price for a one way ticket to becoming a “real man”. Well, it’s going rate for a place at a warrior camp which reportedly aids men in reconnecting to their masculinity.
  • The military style program promises participants self-fulfilment. One camp founder described the experience as “a grueling healing process” similar to “administering chemo to a cancerous area.”
  • It has been called to question whether the feeling of connection comes from the specific camp activities or if it is the simple fact that men have a chance to connect with other men openly.
  • An international study which was conducted by British researchers which had over 55,000 participants found that men living in individualistic societies reported greater levels of loneliness.
  • Academics studying male loneliness partially attribute the feeling to conceptions of modern masculinity. Studies have found that boys are often taught that successful men act in a certain way.
  • This certain way can often include independence, competitiveness and the rejection of behaviours that may seem feminine.
  • In the US, men account for 79% of all suicides and frequently feelings of loneliness are quoted as the cause in such circumstances.
  • Understanding the trajectory of societal loneliness to a greater extent could help to tackle the mental health crisis.
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