A New Era for Chile

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The landslide election of leftist candidate Gabriel Boric marks a political revolution in Chile.

  • Over recent years, Chile has been consumed with mass protests against inequality and corruption. For many Chileans, the election marked a choice between two very different futures for the country.
  • At only 35 years old, the socialist candidate Gabriel Boric, is the youngest ever President of Chile. He has promised to protect democracy and attempt to restrain Chile’s neoliberal economic model.
  • Many are astounded at Boric’s rapid rise to power. Only a decade ago he was leading student protests in Santiago - demanding improved and cheaper education. Now, he holds the nation’s top position.
  • The election was expected to be tight, however Boric comfortably defeated his far-right rival, Antonio Kast, with 55.9% of the vote. Both candidates represented parties never before in government.
  • A shocking revelation during the election was that the German-born father of Kast was a member of the Nazi party. This contradicted Kast’s own comments about his fathers service.
  • Kast was also a fervent supporter of the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. He even went as far as to say that if Pinochet was still alive, he would vote for him. Some liken Kast to Trump.
  • Chile was once known to have one of the most stable economies in South America. Now, it is known for having one of the largest income gaps globally, with 1% of the population owning 25% of the wealth.
  • It is often said that the sharp contrast in the country’s former and current economic position is a result of Pinochet’s 17 year dictatorship which is often remembered as corrupt.
  • Supporters of Boric took to the streets following the result, celebrating the result that they hope will bring a much needed political revolution to Chile after many turbulent years.
  • The election of Boric coupled with the vote to rewrite the constitution - which was written during the Pinochet dictatorship - leaves an incredibly open path ahead.
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