Amazon Rainforests

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The Amazon Rainforest was once called the “lungs of the Earth”. Does that moniker hold?

  • The Amazon rainforest houses one of the largest ecosystems of flora and fauna, the mighty Amazon river which sustains 30 million people and has a number of indigenous tribes.
  • Over the last decade though, things are looking grim for the rainforest with commercial interests destroying forest cover and some parameters reaching a tipping point.
  • Rising deforestation and Jair Bolsanaro’s anti-environment policies are adding fuel to the forest fires that are devastating the Amazon.
  • The indigenous tribes living within the Amazon rainforest, who have lived sustainably for millenia have to reconcile to parts of forests getting drier.
  • Rising deforestation in Brazil is one of the leading causes of the Amazon approaching a tipping point, but Brazil had contained it in the past.
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