Another Boeing 737 Air Crash Disaster

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A Boeing 737-800 crashed into a mountain in China with 132 passengers on board. It's far from the first tragedy implicating Boeing.

  • China experienced its first airline crash in 12 years when a China Eastern flight took a vertical plunge into a mountainous region in south China. All 132 passengers died.
  • The crash has again put a spotlight on Boeing, a company whose 737 MAX models were involved in two fatal air crashes, in 2018 and 2019. Boeing fleets in India are under examination.
  • The search for victims is ongoing and continued throughout the night. Following the crash, all Boeing 737-800 in China Eastern’s fleet were grounded.
  • Aviation experts say this crash is unprecedented given the good safety record of Boeing 737-800. Investigators are examining the possibility of a systems error, but also pilot error or even intent.
  • Of 4,200 Boeing 737-800s in service, an estimated 1,177 of them are part of Chinese fleets, according to travel analytics firm Cirium. Chinese Premier Xi Jinping has ordered an inquiry.
  • In this reading, we also take a look at the Boeing 737 MAX saga and take a deep dive into one of the most mysterious plane crashes of this generation.
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