Resilience of Asia’s LGBTQ+ Community

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Asia’s LGBTQ+ culture is having a moment, but greater visibility has brought new challenges

  • As Asia's LGBTQ+ community makes headway into the mainstream, calls for equal rights have grown louder.
  • Some countries have enacted protections for LGBTQ+ people, but prejudice, discrimination, gender-based violence persist in many others. Several Asian countries still outlaw same-sex relationships.
  • Taiwan is the only country in Asia that has legalized same-sex marriage across the country from 2019 onwards, but that hasn't inspired any of its neighbours.
  • All across the region, LGBTQ+ communities are pushing for change finding many creative ways to move forward.
  • They are often up against authoritarian regimes and laws dating back to the colonial era. However, this doesn’t prevent the community from coming up with inventive ideas to push back.
  • In this reading, we take a look at how LGBTQ+ activists are coming up with interesting ways to protest discriminatory rules against their community in Asia.
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