Austria’s Vaccine Mandate

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Austria became the first European country to mandate vaccines, and now others may soon follow

  • Austria became the first nation in Europe to announce a general vaccine mandate. Covid cases in the country are skyrocketing.
  • About 64 percent of Austrians are fully vaccinated, a rate that is much lower than European countries like Spain or Portugal.
  • Austrian intensive care units are once again filling up. Doctors are preparing for triage — in which hospitals will not be fully able to care for all patients.
  • In addition to the announcement of a vaccine mandate — which is to begin in February — Austria began a new nationwide lockdown today.
  • The new measures have outrages many Austrians, who deem compulsory vaccines and new lockdowns and infringement on their liberty.
  • They are not alone. Across Europe over the weekend, protestors rallied against new coronavirus restrictions. Some demonstrations turned violent.
  • Radical-right figures have tried to capitalize on these resentments for their own political gain and have spearheaded some protests.
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