Far-Right Groups in Russia-Ukraine War

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We take a look at far-right factions on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war.

  • The Russia-Ukraine war has brought attention to far-right groups and their influence in such conflict situations, especially in our highly connected worlds.
  • In Ukraine, the Azov Battalion is a group that came into prominence for fighting pro-Russia separatists in 2014. During the Euromaidan protests, Azov’s volunteers fought with the protestors.
  • The Azov Battalion, now part of the National Guard of Ukraine, is believed to have far-right sympathisers. Their regiment’s logo is reminiscent of the Wolfsangel - a Nazi symbol.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin stated denazification as reason to attack Ukraine which is being called Russian propaganda. The Kremlin itself is using far-right mercenaries like the Wagner group.
  • Far-right parties got under 2% of the vote in the 2019 Ukrainian election, lower than in many EU states. Yet, analysts warn that far-right entities shouldn’t be ignored completely.
  • Terrorism analysts have also noticed an uptick in conversations in neo-Nazi circles, of people wanting to fight in the war for their own ulterior white-supremacist motives.
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