Joe Biden's Faltering Presidency

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One year in to his presidency, Biden is suffering his lowest approval ratings yet. Can he can bounce back?

  • One year in to Joe Biden’s presidency, his approval ratings have slipped to their lowest level yet, placing him among the least popular presidents in American history — at least so far.
  • Biden’s troubles follow a series of stinging defeats in state and local elections last November, causing many democrats to fear a Republican resurgence in 2022 midterm elections.
  • Why are Americans so dissatisfied with Biden? One of the main reasons appears to be inflation that is near a 40-year high, coupled with supply shortages.
  • In short, people see their money buys less even though many people now have more of it due to rising wages. There is also a shortage of goods and workers, making daily life more challenging.
  • There are other factors as well. The Biden administration has mismanaged aspects of its pandemic response. For example, it’s still very difficult to get a Covid test in many places in the US.
  • Biden won because he was seen as competent. But his administration’s failure to pass key legislation and its chaotic handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal have shaken the public’s confidence.
  • The key question now is whether Biden will be able to recover. If not, there’s a strong chance Republicans will surge back to power when midterm legislative elections take place in November.
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