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Tech whistleblowers have played a major role in putting BigTech under regulatory scrutiny.

  • The last couple of months have been horrendous for social media giant Facebook, which is now called Meta. Frances Haugen blew the lid on some unfair practices within the company.
  • Over the years, smart people working at big technology firms have been coming forward with insider knowledge on controversial things happening at these tech companies.
  • Way back in 2013, Edward Snowden had blown the lid on the unfettered surveillance activities of the intelligence agencies in the US. Something for which he is still paying the price.
  • Most technology companies have arcane legal contracts which makes it impossible for whistleblowers to come forward. Yet we have seen brave individuals putting** conscience before commerce**.
  • Tech companies have no option but to reform after their lid is blown. But what happens to the careers of whistleblowers after the dust has settled down?
  • This read list not only looks at some of the famous whistleblowers in the tech realm in the recent past, but also the cost they have to pay for listening to their conscience.
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