China’s Delayed Covid Troubles

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While Europe and the US are entering the post-pandemic era, China is suffering from its most severe outbreak of Covid-19 yet.

  • Following two years of a no-tolerance policy towards Covid-19, China is facing the biggest outbreak since the pandemic began. The financial and economic hub in Shanghai is now in lockdown.
  • The surge in cases is particularly dangerous since the level of immunity in China is far lower than in other parts of the world—due to its Zero Covid policy and lower-quality vaccines.
  • The lockdown in Shanghai could drag down the whole region and put an additional strain on global supply chains. It is uncertain how long the megacity in China’s southeast will be shut down.
  • China had depicted itself as a role model in the fight against Covid. By imposing strict lockdowns in areas with new cases, it managed to contain the virus for most of the pandemic.
  • While the world’s most populous country is struggling to contain the outbreak, other countries are trying to move on. Covid restrictions are being lifted in Europe and the US.
  • The World Health Organization has expressed confidence that the severity of the virus is decreasing over time. This, however, only applies to populations with high levels of vaccination and immunity.
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