China's Influence in Eastern Russia

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China's has significant influence in Russia's Far East, but what are the geopolitical implications?

  • In Russia's easternmost region, the Far East, the influence of neighboring China continues to grow. As the relations with the West soured, Vladimir Putin has welcomed Chinese investment in the region.
  • Moscow and Beijing see the development of the resource-rich region as a driver of economic growth, which is even more critical for Russia now that it faces international sanctions.
  • China also pushes investments in the Far East to pave the way for its Polar Silk Road policy aiming to open new trade routes with Nordic countries.
  • It has invested in large-scale infrastructure projects and sent thousands of farmers to work on Chinese-owned farms in the Far East. But the influx of Chinese migrants has left many locals uneasy.
  • What direction is the Sino-Russian collaboration in the Far East heading? Will it help Moscow offset its increasing international isolation? And how much support is Beijing willing to provide?
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