Climate Crises We Shouldn't Forget About

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Some of the environmental issues we shouldn't push to the back of our minds - even during this time of war.

  • With the war in Ukraine dominating the news agenda completely, it’s tempting to put the climate crisis on the back burner for the moment. Some matters, however, simply cannot afford being ignored.
  • Climate action isn't something governments can set aside when it's convenient, although that appears to be exactly what is happening right now.
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine and soaring inflation have jeopardised US president Biden’s climate agenda, which was supposed to lead by example and inspire other nations to follow suit and act.
  • The energy crisis, which is exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, now threatens to undermine efforts to invest in alternative energy that will be required to meet the world’s future clean energy needs.
  • But the world is not only running out of time with regard to clean energy: the Amazon rainforest is fast approaching a tipping point, after which large parts of it could turn into dry savannah.
  • Which brings us to another pressing matter: current levels of industrial meat production are unsustainable, drive deforestation, emissions and biodiversity loss, and must urgently be scaled down.
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