CO2: How to get negative

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Carbon dioxide can be captured and stored for ages. Does that help against climate change?

  • The industrialized world is struggling to get rid of carbon dioxide emissions. Most countries put their focus on switching from burning fuels to clean energies.
  • Some industries have difficulties to completely avoid CO2 emissions however. In steel or cement factories it is part of the production process.
  • Technical solutions like Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) are designed to overcome this problem: CO2 is being captured close to the factory and then stored in appropiate geological structures.
  • The potential for the technology is huge. Northern European countries like Norway or Iceland are offering on-shore and off-shore caverns to store CO2.
  • Emissions can even be captured from thin air. But some environmental organizations criticize CCS as greenwashing. There are also warnings the technology might not be safe enough.
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