Cop26 Update - Day 3

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We continue to bring you the latest from one of the most critical climate summits of our time.

  • How good is a promise to cut carbon dioxide emissions to zero in fifty years? That is the questions many environmental activists are asking.
  • New pledges to cut emissions made by world leaders at COP26 could mean the global average temperature rise is kept to below 2 degrees celsius, according to a new University of Melbourne study.
  • Of course, that result would only be possible if world leaders implement the promises they are making — and that remains a big if.
  • A big part of the reason for the new estimate is India’s pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2070.
  • But many climate activists warn that vague promises for targets far in the future offer only a false sense of security as global carbon emissions right now are near record highs.
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