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As health experts are mulling over when to declare an end of the pandemic some countries are facing a surge in cases: an update on Covid-19.

  • Rising immunity levels seem to ease the burden the pandemic is inflicting on public health systems. The World Health Organization (WHO) is even discussing when to call an end to the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Data from England are indicating that the latest Covid variants lead to a lower number of hospitalizations and cases of severe illness. Vaccination against the virus remains important however.
  • While in Western societies like the UK or the US the number of new cases is going down, China faces an unxepected surge. Beijing’s strategy to entirely prevent Covid from spreading is in danger.
  • Generally speaking the strategy of Zero Covid is put into question. By suppressing the virus societies become unable to reach high immunity levels. Low quality vaccines have an impact, too.
  • The future of the pandemic remains uncertain. Even as the immediate risk of severe illness decreases scientists are trying to explore longterm effects on the brain and other parts of the organism.
  • Vaccine producers are getting ready for a fourth shot since the protection provided by the booster dose seems to wane after a couple of months.
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