Dating: Is Untyping the New Typing?

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The realm of monogamous dating comes with its complexities, however a new approach to finding a partner may make life a little easier.

  • We’ve all heard the phrase “They’re just not my type”, whether in a romantic comedy or perhaps shared in private by a friend. The concept of “a type” has existed in mainstream culture for years.
  • In December 2021, a OnePoll survey found that out of 1,000 participants, 77% - more than three-quarters of the sample - said that in 2022 they wanted to date someone outside of their typical “type”.
  • Untyping is a term that has been developed to describe the act of purposefully dating an individual who one considers to be outside of their usual type.
  • What does the typical type consist of? Studies have shown that one of the most consistent type factors is the personality of a selected partner often similar to the participant themselves.
  • Seeking out a little of yourself in a partner can often lead to a more stable relationship, as it enables us to preserve existing beliefs or ideas that we may hold.
  • Contrastingly, there is a body of research that has found individuals in general may not type at all arguing that our judgements of attractiveness change in relation to a number of factors.
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